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    Where you find Carding Mafia

    Hello to all members we have started this new thread to know how you find us

    just reply how you find carders place

    from Google or any other search engine
    from another website, blog, or forum
    from any other source

    this will be interesting for us to know how you linked to us
    CardingMafia Admin giving HOT Offers

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    3 : Doing western union transfer

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    I heard of this forum through a guy on ICQ. He told me to check it out.

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    I Learned From Google..
    Very Easy to Find, Idk if That's Good for the Blog or Bad..

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    i found it thru google just searching for forums! this one stuck out the most to me! i love it dude thanks!

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    Google......some of the stuff u can find is serious..........

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    Found it using google

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    I found this forum through google

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    I used BING & found it.

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    i found this treasure from google and glad to be part of it.....

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    when I started om carding, it was very difficult to find min carders sites, hacker sites for real, google restricts most sites or sites carders hackers and crackers, so I learned to contronar google and type in the right words these words are considered magical by me, examples, cc .. org,. net. biz,. in,. pro, the word pro point and more restricted google link because it is carders perofissionais etc., are usually forums paid etc, there is something very interresante, when looking for a site with ternination. cc or. org, there those sites

    of analysis that says, look similar sites etc, and has an infinite number of sites carders, so whoever wants to be a good carder, that's how I found cardingplanet ...... thanks if you liked + reply.
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    found it with google...very easy to find but forgot what keyword i typed in

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